Matthew 11:28 – Hand It Over

Daily Devotional Bible Verse

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28 NIRV)

A man headed to the airport. He grabbed his luggage and suitcases. He stepped over to the baggage carousel and loaded up. His bags were stuffed.

As he sat in his seat, he started thinking about all he packed. His bags were not made of leather; they were made of burdens. He had a suitcase of guilt, a sack of depression, a duffel bag of weariness, and a hanging bag of anger. He added a backpack of grief, an overnight bag of loneliness, and a huge trunk of fear. Lugging luggage is exhausting.

A dad saw his young son trying to drag the luggage off the carousel. The dad said to his son, “Set it down. I got this.” God is saying to you, “Set it down, child. I’ll carry the baggage for you.”

A new year is starting with new and old bags alike needing to be lugged around. This year, work on giving them to God. Let him do the lifting and give you bags of joy, hope, and healing!

Are you handing it over to God this year?

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