Genesis 3:5 – God Creates, Man Tinkers

I remember as a kid the first time I realized that if only Adam and Eve hadn’t fallen for Satan’s lie that we would still live in Eden. I imagined living in the garden. Surrounded with flowers as big as my house. Essentially, living in a place just like Land Before Time (only without Sharptooth). But I’ve as I’ve grown up, I realized: if it wasn’t Adam and Eve who sinned, it would have been someone else—maybe even me. Satan’s lie is as compelling now as it was then.

For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:5 ESV

Eve was wooed into the idea of absolute power, control and knowledge. In fact, the lie played off of the beauty that God had already created, because the tree “was a delight to the eyes” (Gen 3:6). The lie that we can have ultimate control has invaded us in nearly every facet of life. We rest in our knowledge of the universe and how it works, we rely on our mastery of mechanics and engineering, we trust in biochemists and the drugs they engineer, but how much do we trust in God? None of these things are bad to trust in, but if we solely trust in man’s ability and accomplishments we lose sight of the very truth that they show us. Mankind can only make discoveries about what God has already created. We ourselves cannot create, only tinker. We, like Eve, can become so absorbed in the “delight to the eyes” that is God’s creation and our use of it, that we believe the first lie ever told us, “You will be like God”. Don’t let mankind’s great feats of engineering and understanding blind you from this basic fact: we are simply discovering the way in which God has ordered the world. Don’t let *stuff* grow larger than God in your heart and eyes. Stay humble and vigilant so that your faith is ultimately in the God who creates rather than men who only tinker.


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