The Constant

Many are ready for spring and are “done with the snow.” It certainly has been a somewhat unpredictable winter with temperatures down to single digits, snow and ice. Who would have ever thought about the Tri State area being so heavily impacted with this kind of weather? It has been a roller coaster ride but be assured spring time is very near. As the seasons change, so do the challenges that come with them. In the fall and winter we face the challenges of cold, snow and ice. In spring and summer we face the challenges of rain, tornados, sweltering heat and drought. Each season is beautiful in its’ own way but does present obstacles to overcome. What would be great, as many would say, is a constant temperature or season all year long. If this could happen what would you choose? I’m sure some of you already have an answer for this question but is this really what you would want? There is a constant which we all need however, as found in Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” As the seasons give us different challenges to overcome so does life. Would it not be great to know that with each challenge in life we face, to include death, there would always be a constant there for us? A home base if you will, where one can seek safety, security, love and strength? As stated in the passage given we have that constant available for us. Have you ever really considered the fact of how chaotic life can really be and how often we seek refuge somewhere? Some seek refuge in all the wrong places, which in most cases brings about more severe problems. May I encourage you to seek the only constant we can have in this life, James 4:10 “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.” If you are seeking refuge, trying to escape the harsh elements of life allow me to show you through God’s holy word the ever abiding constant. The only one that can change your whole life allowing you to face tomorrow without uncertainty, even if tomorrow brings death. Until next week this is the Scriptural Truth. Tommy O’Kelley Minister Subligna Rd. Church of Christ (706) 638-1129 or (423) 413 – 5319, email

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