Scriptural Truth – Who You Are


Who You Are is important. You are a unique individual, one who is worthy to love and be loved. Your worth is far greater than the most expensive diamond or pearls money can buy. Your life has no monetary value because to place such a value would limit the value you are worth. You are not a thing but a soul. Things have values whether it be a car, boat, house or fine jewelry but because you and your soul are not a thing the value is limitless. You are worthy of the greatest price that could ever be given for another human being, those made in the very image of God (Genesis 2 and 3). The price for you, to redeem you, is no less than the sacrifice of another individual (1Cor.7:23) and in the eyes of the Lord YOU were and are worth dying for. Regardless of how others may view you, talk about you or support you, there is a worth in you that only the Lord can see, know and understand. In the text of John 3:16, John through inspired writing, pens the words “God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son.” A familiar passage to many but here is the break down of the meaning…God knows your worth and paid the price. The world as seen in the text is individualized in its meaning. In other words He loves YOU and he loves ME as individuals making up the whole of humanity no matter our social status, wealth, age race, gender or nationality. What greater price could be paid for someone than the sacrifice of God our creator to give himself to redeem us from the clutches of Satan and sin? Who YOU are is not determined by man but rather by the very one who gives and sustains life. Who you are today if living outside of Christ does not have to be accepted by you. You are who you are because you choose to be that way. You can change who you are spiritually and know that God knows your worth and wants to give you a crown, a throne, and a mansion with him in glory. Would it not be so wonderful to wake tomorrow and not have to worry about what the future holds on this earth or worry about who you are? You can change your life and become the child of the Great I Am. Let me show you who you really are and how you can become that person. Until next week this is ScripturalTruth, Tommy O’Kelley Minister Subligna Rd. Church of Christ (706) 638-1129 or (423) 413 – 5319, email tmdok4@windstream.net or Facebook.

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  1. Thank you! Beautiful.

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