Scriptural Truth – Do We Just Need The Bible?



Do you know anyone today who would say or promote the idea that the Holy Scriptures are not enough for man today? Maybe a preacher or teacher stresses this idea? Have you stopped to consider what they are actually stating? They stand opposed to what the very word of God stands for and teaches. The scriptures do not teach that one cannot live right without a direct influence of the Holy Spirit acting individually upon each person apart from the word. Many will defend their stance of direct operations of the holy spirit by essential saying the Scriptures are not to be taken as complete and authoritative. These people claim that we cannot know what God wants from us because we cannot understand the words of God. The Scriptures give certainty (Luke 1:1-4), are sufficient to deal with all teaching, correcting, instructing in doctrine and in living right (II Timothy 3:16). The Scriptures give us everything we need for life and godliness (II Peter 1:3). The apostle Paul makes clear for us that we can understand the word of God and follow it as God would have us to (Ephesians 3:3-5). Some people are so arrogant that they claim God cannot communicate using the language He Himself created and state the Scriptures are not insufficient in any way! Why is this the case? Why do some preachers and teachers teach the doctrine of man as if it were the doctrine of Christ? I would suggest to you it’s because the words of God calls for a change in our lives and the likes we have. God is a sprit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24), not according to what we think he will be happy and pleased with but what is commanded in His word. It is only in the Scriptures that you find the gospel, the only way one can be saved and how to be saved (Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38). Since the Scriptures are all-sufficient for every need of man, those who claim the need for additional divine help are wrong and the bible is right or the bible is wrong and they are right. So which way will you decide, the bible or teachings of man? We ought to believe God rather than man. Until next week this is the ScripturalTruth, Tommy O’Kelley Minister Subligna Rd. Church ofChrist (706) 638-1129 or (423) 413 – 5319, email tmdok4@windstream.net or Facebook

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