2019 – APRIL


Proverbs 11:9(ESV)

9 With his mouth the godless man would destroy his neighbor,

    but by knowledge the righteous are delivered.

I remember a time at church when I said some really mean things about another student. I wanted my friends to think I was funny so I said what I needed to get a laugh and didn’t think about how my words would affect the other person. My words really hurt that student’s feelings and I still feel bad about it years later.

Our words are powerful. They have the ability to hurt others deeply. However, words aren’t always used in bad ways. In fact, your words can be helpful to others as well. You can choose to speak life to other people. Your words can encourage a friend that is down. You can positively influence those around you, simply by the words you speak. Today determine to be a better version of yourself than you were the day before. Let your words bring life and encouragement to those around you. Choose to be a person who builds others up, not tears them down. Ask God for His help in putting a guard over your mouth and begin to speak life-giving words today.


Psalm 141:3(ESV)

3 Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth;

    keep watch over the door of my lips!

I remember one time I had to leave my computer in my car. My concern was that someone might try to take it, so I made sure my car was locked and my computer was well hidden under a pile of junk. I did everything I could think of to keep my computer safe. When something is important, you’ve got to watch over it carefully and keep it locked up. We know that guarding our possessions is important, but what about our words? Today’s Bible verse talks about guarding our mouth. If words aren’t important to God, why would David ask for God’s help to guard his mouth? It seems like the words that we speak are important.

We know that when something is important, we guard it. Our words are important. They can determine how we see ourselves. Words can be used to hurt others. The words we speak are powerful and it’s up to us how we use them.

So today, choose to put a guard on your words. Be a person that speaks life over yourself and others. Determine to only let good words come out of your mouth.


Ephesians 4:2 (ESV)

2 with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love,

Have you ever watched a friend’s boyfriend on social media and become jealous? You see the sweet things your friend’s boyfriend does for her on social media and feel like a failure in relationships because your boyfriend forgot your anniversary.

It can be really easy to lose patience with others. Sometimes it’s not even that the other person did something wrong, but rather they didn’t meet an expectation you had for them. In our relationships with others, we are challenged to practice patience.

It can be hard to be patient with someone who doesn’t do what you want them to do. Maybe they do things a lot slower than you’d like and the waiting drives you crazy. In all our relationships, we are challenged to practice giving patience to others.

Being patient is really hard. We want to see instant results in our lives and instant change in the lives of others. When that doesn’t happen, it can be difficult to keep a good attitude. It is something we can do, however. We can walk in patience toward other people. God wouldn’t tell us to do something if He didn’t give us the ability to do it. So today, choose to walk in patience toward others and give them the grace to make mistakes.


Genesis 8:1 (ESV)

8 But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the livestock that were with him in the ark. And God made a wind blow over the earth, and the waters subsided.

You might be going through something tough today. In fact, you might be going through something for months like Noah was here in this Bible verse. Noah had been obeying God now for years. He had built an ark according to God’s instruction. He had been on the ark for months as the floods came and stayed. He might have been tempted to get discouraged wondering if the floods were ever going to go away. However, God didn’t forget about Noah. He still came through for him by causing the waters to recede.

Just like Noah, God hasn’t forgot about you. He knows where you’re at and how to help you. If you’ve stepped out and obeyed Him, even if it’s been months, keep standing strong in faith because God will come through and remember you in your situation.

God is there to help you walk through the difficulties that you face. In the midst of difficulty, it’s easy to lose hope and become discouraged. Challenge yourself in those times to not give up. God has a good plan for you and a future that is good. Keep pressing into Him and see God work in your life if you don’t give up.


Luke 6:38 (ESV)

38 give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

It can be really easy to get caught in the trap of getting. You might be saving for new shoes, a new phone, and trying to get a new car. Getting things can seem really important at times, however, the Bible encourages us to not make getting the main priority in your life.

Instead, the Bible encourages us to be givers. And the awesome part about being a giver is that God rewards those who give. So when you give, you’re not throwing away your time or money. Everything you give to God is always given back to you in many ways. God wants to reward you for your giving.

So decide today to make giving a habit in your life. Choose to begin to give and see how God will provide and reward you for your faithfulness to give.


2 Timothy 3:15 English Standard Version (ESV)

15 and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

Have you ever wondered why you should read your Bible? Do you ever think that it’s a lot of work to read it and that maybe it’s not really all that important? If so, you’re probably like most teenagers. Reading the Bible takes a bit of work and sometimes you might wonder if the effort is worth it.

However, reading the Bible is always worth it. One of the reasons why reading the Bible is so powerful is that it gives you wisdom. The Bible is full of truth. Reading the Bible will often give you insight on how to deal with a person or situation.

Reading the Bible also helps build you up spiritually. As you read the Bible, you become stronger and more able to deal with the situations that you’re facing. Reading the Bible is worth it. So today, decide to spend some time reading the Bible. Start where you can, it might be something small like reading a verse for two minutes and then work on building up your time in the Bible from there.


Romans 5:11 (ESV)

11 More than that, we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.

One of the great things about what Jesus did for us is that He gave us the ability to have a relationship with God. If God just wanted someone to worship Him, He already had that with the angels in heaven. Instead, He chooses to have a relationship with imperfect humans.

What an amazing thing to think about. God choose you out of all beings to be in a relationship with Him. That should show you your value to God. You’re not worthless or a nobody. God did everything in His power to deal with sin because He wanted to know you. So on those days when you feel like you’ve messed up too bad. When you feel like you’re not worth anything. Realize that to God, you’re priceless. He chooses you and desires to know you. God paid the ultimate price to know you. He sent Jesus to destroy the power of sin in your life. There is now nothing that is stopping you from knowing God. So today be encouraged. God loves you. He sees value in a relationship with you. To Him, you’re worth everything!


Proverbs 12:24 (ESV)

24 The hand of the diligent will rule,

    while the slothful will be put to forced labor.

I remember a time in history class when I got a bad grade. For me, bad grades were really rare, so I was very upset by it. I stayed after class and asked my teacher why I had received such a bad grade on my history project. She told me that she expected more from me, she knew this project wasn’t my best work and so she had given me a lower grade.

When I had been making this project, I had watched other students in my class. They weren’t putting much effort into their projects, which made me think, if they’re being lazy, maybe I should be lazy too. I didn’t give my teacher my best work, and my grade suffered because of it.

I learned the hard way that laziness doesn’t pay off. If you want to get good grades at school you’ve got to put in some extra work and effort. So if you want to be successful and a leader, you’ve got to work hard. You’ve got to put in a little extra effort to get better results in your life. So today, if you’ve become lazy at school or in some other area, choose to make some adjustments. Choose to put in a little extra effort and work just a little bit harder. Simple things like showing up a few minutes early or doing an extra homework problem each night make a big difference. To become successful, you’ve got to work hard.

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