Psalm 34:8 – Taste and See the Lord is Good

Daily Devotional Bible Verse

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. (Psalm 34:8 NIV)

How do we taste the Lord is good? Is it hot and spicy, savory, tart, bitter, carb comforting or sweet richness? It is a combination of all of these, and we taste with our souls. Growing up a country boy and with a grandmother that showed much love through her cooking, certain foods cause my mouth to water just thinking about them and blanket me with a feeling of goodness and love. Family gatherings would bring so much food that filling one plate wasn’t enough – we had to have two so we could get a taste of it all.

Just as we need nourishment from food for our bodies we need nourishment from God for our souls. Pursuing God will make your mouth water for more and desire to taste it all – the rich and savory, the tart and bitter. Take the time to taste today what the Lord has prepared and let it nourish your soul.

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