does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; – 1 Cor 13:5

This verse is talking about what love does. If we really love others, not just in words but in action, it should show. This verse gives us a picture of what God’s kind of love looks like. It says that love does not behave rudely. That means you don’t talk back to your mom or treat the person who is serving you your hamburger with disrespect. Next this Bible verse says that love is not provoked. That means that it doesn’t snap, or fly into an angry fit just because someone looked at you the wrong way. Finally, love thinks no evil. This means that you’re not thinking the worst about people. You don’t assume they’ve got an agenda or are stabbing you behind your back. Simply put, loving others means that we don’t just react or respond with what feels right at the moment. This takes some practice and some work, but if you really focus on it, you can change how you respond to others. Rather than just doing what feels good, you can learn to let the love of God that is in your heart come out. When you do, you’ll be a light for Jesus in ways you’ve only imagined!


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