Exodus 4:10-12 – Unlikely Leaders

Leadership Lessons From Exodus 4:10–12

But Moses said to the Lord, “Oh, my Lord, I am not eloquent, either in the past or since you have spoken to your servant, but I am slow of speech and of tongue.” Then the Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak.” (Exodus 4:10-12 ESV)

Moses is one of history’s most noted leaders. He led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Then he served as a priestly leader. He shared God’s will, prayed for them, and even plead their case before God (Exodus 32:11). We need more leaders like him in the Church. But, is it possible they are already here, but have never gotten a chance to step up? Moses was not a gifted speaker. He was reluctant to trust God when he told him he would lead the Israelites (Exodus 4). If Moses were alive today, who would he look like in the church? Would he be the person sitting next to you who doesn’t appear to have a “leadership bone” in his body? In fact, could it be you? The key to Moses’ great leadership was his anointing and ordination; not the “perfect packaging” of his personality. Notice how the Lord assured him, “I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak” (Exodus 4:12). He wasn’t naturally someone who possessed the leadership goods, but the Lord worked through him mightily on numerous occasions. Chances are, Moses would be someone considered weak by the world’s standards. Fortunately we serve a God who chooses “what is weak in the world to shame the strong” (1 Corinthians 1:27). Remember, it is not in ourselves we find our competency for God’s call, but through his word that we may be “equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:17). Ask God to help you see potential leaders through his eyes today. And if he’s calling you to step up and lead, obey!

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