12-3 – AM-The Greatest Questioner Of All Time-Tommy O’Kelley

12-3 – PM-The Manger Of The Birth Of Christ-John Lewis

12-10 -AM-3 Appearances Of Christ-Tommy O’Kelley

12-10 – PM-Gospel Attitudes Christians Need-Tommy O’Kelley

12-17 -AM-Family Resemblance-Tommy O’Kelley

12-17 -PM-Hourly Or Salary-Tommy O’Kelley

12-24 -AM-I Need Thee Every Hour-Tommy O’Kelley

12-24 -PM-The Greatest Disappointments-Doug Simms

12-31 -AM-Abraham’s Journey God’s Calling-Tommy O’Kelley

12-31 -PM-Characteristics Of Christ-Young Men

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